Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I learned this weekend (or: the list with no point)

1) "Accessing" an element in C++ lists (and related structures) means "make an exact copy of this for me to use temporarily".

2) Don't hardboot a server randomly (especially out of laziness), even if said server is giving you all sorts of sass. You may knock it to the curb for a second, but it will trip you into oncoming traffic.

3) Port forwarding for fun and profit. Also, default router passwords are for win. Too bad this resulted in the death of a server...

4) Crunchbang skimps on language packs. This would be more acceptable if one of the language packs I had to install wasn't for the most widely spoken language on earth. Ethno-centric much...

Reinstalling Ubuntu server this weekend...Все идет по плану

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