Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two Changes!

I've moved my portfolio page to CodeMonkeyInc on Google Sites because, frankly, I am fully capable of writing a website backend, but I couldn't design my way out of an empty pool. Not to say I haven't tried really hard, but I lack the requisite skills in terms of creating backgrounds and other important images that look clean and professional, rather than like I made them up in Gimp after dicking around for a half hour. Also, I have yet to actually BUY hosting, so my iweb account will be going down after I graduate anyway.

The other thing I did this weekend was post a few of my person projects to Launchpad so I could show them off on the portfolio page. Right now my projects on there aren't extremely impressive, but ScribbleMidi is coming along really well, and I'm anticipating having a semi-working system soon. Launchpad is a wonderful, free way to publicly post your open source projects.

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