Monday, January 11, 2010

Time to Start Over...Sort of!

So it's Monday morning and I'm starting my 3rd full day in Austin, Texas, after a harrowing 3-day truck-based move. So far I'm loving it here, oh so so much, and I've started my job hunt anew. I wasn't having any luck applying from Indiana, so I'm hoping that my Austin address will help a little. So far I've applied for 3 different IBM positions, and a few others. I'm excited and scared, but the risk should turn out to be worth it :)

An exciting fact about Austin is that it has a lot of LUGs, which will be great for meeting new people and being able to keep up on all things Linux. Hoorey!

Off to the future.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie, glad to see you made it to Austin! I hope everything is going well. As for me, my Mixxx nightmares finally stopped last week, so I'm doing better :-/


Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog one day by accident and have enjoyed reading it.
I wish that we could have had the chance to meet before you left Muncie. Hope everything is going well for you in Austin. Good luck.