Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Even More Detailed Game Design!

So after a few pretty heavy TF2 sessions last night (that game is a freaking time sink, I'll tell ya...) I started working on my game design again, and finally penned a fairly detailed "round cycle", as well as laying out a few battle details. I'm going to figure out a way to start play testing it here soon so I can work out all the stats (I'm assuming this will take quite a while).

Basic round consists of:
1) Sending out scouts (these will be human employees in all cases unless a faction has a controllable unit and chooses to send that out instead) to explore the area. Towns and other factions territories can be scoped out during this time.
2) Selecting the number of units to dispatch for missions and choosing a target (either a town, another faction's army, or a faction's base)
3) Send out your units to attack the target. Details on both battle with factions and town raids follow.
4) Claim any territory won (ie claim resources, new bases, new troops, etc)
5) Use resources and start again

Battle Details:
1) Controllable units must be explicitly assigned their first target. They will continue to attack this target until either they die or their target dies. They cannot be re-assigned to a new target, only told to retreat if necessary. If they manage to kill their first target, they will simply move onto the next closest target.
2) Swarm units (ie non-controllables) merely attack whatever is closest. They cannot be called to retreat and cannot be given explicit targets, just "dropped" in a specific area to do damage.
3) After a battle all surviving units are "healed" back to full health.
4) After a battle the dead units are all transferred to the winning side as either new units or resources, if the faction requires corpses.

Town Raids:
This will be the primary way most factions get their resources, with the exception of the Juggernaut faction. Humans, food, water, animals, weapons, armor, and money are all obtained in town raids.
1) If the faction does a town raid, they cannot choose to do a battle phase for the rest of the round. The humans of the village can do minor damage, so units need to collect resources, heal, and make use of the resources they obtain. Raids can be just that, raids, or can eventually lead to the destruction of the entire town. At this point, if the town is stripped of all resources (including inhabitants), the faction can choose to build a new base here.
2) The first faction to raid a town effectively "lays claim" to the village. In this case, if an opposing faction chooses to raid the town, they will have to first engage in battle with the claiming faction in order to run them out. At this point they would now have claim to the town. This, again, continues until all the resources in the town are exhausted, leaving the final claiming faction in charge of the land.
3) The claiming faction can choose to engage in battle over the land, or, if they are not strong enough to stand up to the opposing faction, can choose to relinquish the land until they are stronger and can fight off the opposing faction.
4) Naturally raids on other faction's bases are carried out in a similar fashion, except the resources obtained include the other faction's units (however many are at the base), and whatever other resources are being stored there at the time.

That's about all I have laid out for now, I'm still piecing a lot together but it's moving along fairly well so I've been pleased with my progress. More updates as this develops.

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