Monday, May 19, 2008

Game Update: It's All In The Design

After discussing my ideas with Micheal, I've modified the game design quite drastically. It's still a zombie RTS affair, but he suggested developing factions, and after having a lively discussion about it, I felt this was the best (and most fun) way to go.

So right now I have the following factions: Bio Zombies, Voodoo Zombies, Parasite Zombies, Juggernauts, and Survivors (ie humans). Each faction outside of the Juggernauts, and to a certain extent the Survivors, also can have animal units which have higher speed and strenghts, and whose stats can be transferred to the base units if they infect a human (or attack a base unit). Half the units are controllable and half are not.

Right now I need to really sit down and write out the ruleset, another thing Micheal has been exceedingly helpful with since he's a big RPG/RTS guy. I've been looking to Magic: The Gathering and D&D for help in this area, since my experience with these types of games is horribly limited. I'll probably read over the Starcraft manual too, though I'm unsure if it will have the kind of detail I'm looking for.

Despite the fact the design process is going to take quite a while, I've got a pretty good start on this; the coding gets easier with each new project. I've possibly mentioned this in my previous post, but I'm going to do the game in C++ first then try to port it to Lisp later on.

Hopefully I'll have more updates on a fairly regular basis as the project progresses.

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