Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lengthy To-Do List

Due to my horrible work schedule and the general feeling of exhaustion resulting from it, I haven't had the time or even really the desire to work on BioWar lately (that's the really lame working title) so in an attempt to motivate myself, here is a list of basic gameplay elements I need to implement:

1) Resources: I currently have get and set functions for this, but I need to design the system in which these are obtained.

2) Unit stats: I haven't yet set some basic specs for the units; after doing that I'll need to do some basic play-testing to ensure there will be some sort of balance. The main reason I haven't even started doing this yet is I still have to define what certain stats mean, ie what exactly does speed mean in terms of game-play?

3) GUI: I still haven't decided how the game will even look (which can most certainly come later). I don't currently have any assets I could use to create a GUI, so I may have to rope in someone else to do basic graphics for me. It's either that or ASCII art.

4) Battle: The battle system must be designed and implemented; this will come in parallel to the stats tweaking, even though essentially the two will be independent.

Getting through this one chunk at a time won't be too much of a challenge, though getting motivated to actually DO it will be. Too much Team Fortress 2 doesn't make for a very productive code monkey.

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