Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Return of Wheel Bird and Dog (?)

Even though I know it's a HORRIBLE idea to start thinking about new game concepts while working on another game (only because I have the worst track record of finishing projects and I really want to finish BioWar), I realized as I was trying to figure out the assets problem that I had a large library of potential assets for another game...The Official Wheel Bird and Dog game.

People who were not friends with me my first years of college will not be aware of this odd artistic expression that was a fairly substantial part of my life for a few years. It consisted of a crudely drawn dog and purple ibis bird (who did, indeed, ride a wheel contraption around) who were always on the hunt for barley to make mead (despite the fact I discovered later that mead was not made out of barley). Other reoccurring characters included The Mighty Ferret of Girth (an ultra-sized ferret that only made "dook dook" noises), and various other random creatures that did various other things (other favorites of mine were Crack Horse and Bong Monkey, a large tegu whose name I can't remember, and an anoexic cat).

The "comic" ran long enough that I (reportedly) released two trade paperbacks including 10 (or 20?) comics apiece. I wish I could be more accurate with all this but I'm far too lazy to dig it all up. All the comics were scanned onto my computer and posted to a hand-coded website on my Ball State webserver for all my friends viewing pleasure when I was just starting to really get into the internets.

Anyway, enough remenicing. Summery of this story is I still have all this on that server, and I could very easily cut out the characters and produce .pngs and what have you for the sprites. I'd need to think of an original concept for the game, since I wouldn't want it to just be a cookie-cutter platformer, but I'm thinking this would be an excellent basis for a casual game like I was talking about in my earlier post (Ruminations on Casual Games). This is going into the idea bin, there could be more later.

**EDIT: I just remembered the tegu's name was Pom-Pom. He was Dog's pet and liked to eat dirty goth kids at Nine Inch Nails concerts.

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